Our first video

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Our first video

May 9, 2018 Video 0

We just published our first video.

It is the first youtube video I ever made. It is way harder than I was thinking before... Anyway, I hope you will find it interesting.

You can go to youtube by following this link: XGL Introduction

In this video, I am showing you examples of what you can do with XGL. From simple ones to more sophisticated samples, discover how easy it is to make exceptional web applications.

Launch the Kitchen Sink web app, and explore the samples. I am sure you will find them exciting.

I enjoyed writing the fractal demo. The way I render the Mandelbrot set, which is computing intensive, can give you ideas on how to handle such matter in a browser.

I liked also programming Conway's Game of Life, which is not truly a game since you don't have to do anything.

I wanted to show how the Canvas component handles a high DPI display (or Retina display in the Apple's universe). This is why you have two demos with canvases. In the fractal demo, we draw more pixels on a high DPI. In the Game of Life, we let the canvas handle the extra pixels automatically.

I will add more demos in the following days and weeks. Some very simple, and some more sophisticated, like the option pricer.

At the end of the video, I show you that XGL can also be used to develop games. I will publish these games soon, and I will put a demo of a game in the Kitchen Sink web app, with its source code.

Enjoy XGL!

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