Xalys Graphic Library

Discover a real web application build with XGL:

Responsive/Adaptive Design

You can quickly create a web application that looks amazing on any device!

You code once, and XGL handles the differences between browsers.


Try XGL for Free

Create an account and download XGL Community Edition (for GPL projects) for free!

Try our widgets!


Develop in Java

Boost your creativity and productivity with XGL and Java/GWT!

With Java's superior features like strongly typed language, generics and lambda expressions, coding with XGL is fantastic!


Develop in JavaScript

Unleash your JavaScript code by using the XGL components!

All XGL components are directly callable from JavaScript. You can use any widget naturally in your HTML/JavaScript page.

Xalys Graphic Library

Brand new components library for JavaScript and GWT with unlimited power!


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Presto Scheduler

  XGL uses a component called Presto to avoid layout trashing or reflows.

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