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A beautiful components library for GWT and JavaScript


Disclaimer: XGL is still in its development phase; this means that even if you can accomplish a lot with it right now, it is not perfect yet. Some essential components are missing, and the documentation is still incomplete. However, you can expect updates at a very high pace, and we are committed to answering your questions. Also, you will be able to influence the development of XGL and its priorities.

More generally, by subscribing to an individual membership now, you show your support to the creation of a great components library! It is like crowdfunding the development, but you access XGL at each stage of improvement, and you can share your thoughts and suggestions!



  • Follow the development of XGL
  • Get XGL Community Edition (for GPL projects only)
  • Discuss with XGL users
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$ 50 / mo. / developer

  • For all professional developers
  • Use XGL for all your projects
  • Get all the upgrades of XGL
  • Support the development of XGL
All prices are in US Dollars (without tax).

* Individual and hobbyist users are persons whose projects generate less than a total of $1,000 per month. If your combined gross revenue using XGL reaches this level on a monthly basis, you have to upgrade your license to the professional user level. If you are a freelancer and use XGL, you are to have a Professional license.

‡ Our standard commercial license/community edition restricts the use of XGL for any project that can be defined as a library of components or development toolkit. More generally any project intended to be used by software or web developers or designers is subject to a custom licensing.